Gentrification and soaring rent increases have made it nearly impossible for NYC mom-and-pop shops to stay open. To conserve costs, small business owners have to wear many hats to run their establishments. They don’t have enough time and revenue to spend on new marketing strategies.

Being a small business owner can be very lonely. They don’t have a team with which they can share their challenges or from whom they can get feedback.

What if small business owners were empowered to connect and work together to help one another?

After seven months of working closely together with small business owners in the West Village and the Lower East Side we created Local Biz Collective, a supportive network that helps NYC small business owners build an alliance in their neighborhood.


The toolkit offers a framework of three workshops with engaging activities that help business owners solve their biggest challenges together. 

Our website empowers business owners to start a new group or get connected with a group near them. With these tools, you can work together to co-address the obstacles of your industry.